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Create has teamed up with a new female founded underwear brand. They are a purpose -driven, impact brand, redefining daily underwear for a new generation of women by bridging the gap between our lingerie and underwear drawer. The mission is to reclaim the narrative of our intimates and celebrate our embodied female experience, everyday.

The Core Collection of seasonless, classic styles, redefined dismantle the dichotomy between fast-fashion granny pants and stuffy, lace lingerie – which, for too long, have implied that for women, comfort and beauty are mutually exclusive. Our elevated, intimate essentials (sustainably made with 100% GOTS Organic Cotton) pave an entirely new category of underwear: One that no longer requires us, as women, to compromise comfort for confidence, design or sustainability.

With a multi-pack focus, omnichannel distribution strategy, customer-centric development and unapologetically value-based & community

As Production and Logistics Manager you will be responsible for.
1. Production
2. Development
3. Supply Chain & Logistics

You will own the entire production process, from development to production. You will be responsible for strategically implementing the foundations and managing the supply chain, in line with our sustainability values and growth targets.

● Own and take charge of the entire supply chain and production process of all goods (including packaging)
● Constantly look to improve and optimize production processes
● Manage margin and targets
● Create and maintain critical path and pricing charts
● Manage the production critical path and communicate deadlines to stakeholders in time
● Lead all larger strategic or structural changes concerning the supplier network and structure, from idea to completion
● Regular supply chain assessments and sourcing new manufacturers where necessary
● Responsible for capacity booking with manufacturers and pre-booking all RM with fabric and trims suppliers where needed
● Responsible for managing production orders and reorders from PO approval through to warehouse delivery
● Support with the procurement of labels, swing tags and packaging materials where needed
● Keep all deliveries and T&A documents up to date to guarantee visibility to stakeholders and the Management team on delays and cancellations
● Establish and maintain strong relationships with all suppliers and manufacturers and ensure that goods are delivered on time and to standard
● Manage quality control, both internal and external, and external testing processes
● Checking in TOP samples against design specs and bulk swatches
● Negotiate minimums, lead times and any challenges that may arise during the
procurement process
● Communicate best working practices, changes to existing practices or key seasonal information updates to the SOP (i.e. contractual changes, packing or labelling changes, etc.), to vendors

● Assist with defining seasonal calendar with production manager and creative director – schedule of orders and deliveries for the upcoming season. Ensure date are followed.
● Work with the creative director and designer for season’s presentation – deciding on styles, colour palette and silhouettes.
● Source any yarns, fabrics and trims as required based on brief given.
● Decide with creative director and production manager the best garment manufacturer to use for each collection/style.
● Manage the external pattern maker for new digital patterns if required. Ensure any patterns and/or any fit comments are communicated clearly to manufacturers.
● Order 1st prototypes directly to the suppliers.
● Placing fabric orders for sampling directly with mills if required.
● Visit suppliers as required and fit 1st prototypes with designer, pattern maker and creative director.
● Keep track of all comments made during fittings, order second samples as necessary.
● Manage final pre-production sign off, order 2x PPS: – production set and press set.
● Keep range plan updated on system with all necessary information : costs, CMT consumptions, fabric/yarn codes, trims information, shipment dates etc.
● Make sure all samples are labelled, dated and stored correctly.
● Approve final costs and RSPs with the team.
● Work with the team to confirm quantities for bulk orders per style.
● Assist with resolving any problems that may arise during bulk production.

Supply Chain & Logistics
Whereas you will be handling production (i.e. creation of product up to completion), you will
also own the entire processes that take the product through from factory to customer.
Supply Chain:
● Design, implement and manage supply chain and production strategy to meet the brands growth goals
● Establish the supply chain structure – from suppliers to factory to warehouse to shipping
– that will a) provide the foundation for the brands growth targets b) provide the
foundation for there sustainability targets
● Own and manage whole supply chain strategy and processes, from production to customer
● Establish processes and standards for supply chain, vendor management, packaging, and
overall business operations to minimize costs and maximize margins
● Develop and oversee strategies in B2B & B2C Supply Chain Operations, Fulfillment and Logistics

● You will be responsible for strategically planning and managing logistics, warehouse, transportation and customer services – for UK, US and EU
● Oversee and optimize cost, productivity, accuracy and timeliness targets
● Maintain metrics and analyze data to assess performance and implement improvements
● Constantly looking to optimize logistics to reduce costs and impact on margins, while improving experience for the customer
● Identify the most cost-effective service for B2C E-Commerce and B2B wholesale orders and packaging
● Directing, optimizing and coordinating full order cycle
● Overseeing all stock movements and managing imports/exports
● Keep track of quality, quantity, stock levels, delivery times, transport costs and efficiency
● Arrange warehouse, catalog goods, plan routes and process shipments
● Resolve any arising problems or complaints

Qualities to bring..
● Aligned with the brands core values and mission
● Biased towards action
● Organized: Able to juggle multiple projects, manage deadlines, etc
● Process-driven: Has a well-documented execution process
● Focused on Efficiency: Has a “get things done” attitude.
● Flexible approach regarding working hours dependent upon the needs of the business.
● Quality-driven: Committed to delivering the best product or service.
● Shared values: Shares our values of inclusivity, sustainability and providing the girl with an exceptional product, messaging and brand experience
● Recognizes and is extremely excited by the opportunity
● Strong prioritization skills
● Excited to get hands dirty and doesn’t need to wait to be told what to do
● Has the ability to transform ideas into strategic initiatives and execute them

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