Top Tips for the Perfect Cover Letter

Your first opportunity to make a positive impression when applying to a vacancy, is your covering letter. Here are some key points that, if applied, will set your application apart from the norm.

•    Address your letter to someone specific. Sending a letter ‘To Whom It May Concern’ or ‘Dear Sir or Madam’ will not stand out or interest the recipient. This is especially important when there are many applications to process for one role.
•    Specify who you are. An HR person or Recruitment Consultant needs to be drawn to you. Define yourself at the start of your letter. Are you a Project Manager? Sample Machinist? Menswear Designer?
•    Highlight some achievements to validate your application and do not repeat what is contained in the CV.
•    Draw attention to your qualifications, experience and education. Make reference to the qualifications/experience required for the role.
•    Know the Company and research any relevant information that might link to the advertised vacancy, by example a new store opening. Mention the relevant point in your letter.
•    Call to action. Ask for an interview and state what you will do next, perhaps call in 3 days for feedback. Make sure you do follow up.
•    Proof read. Read and re read your letter, check for any mistakes, repeated words and spelling errors. Ask a friend/colleague to proof read too.